Address: 1A Camden High Street, London, NW1 7JE

City: Camden, London

Designation: Grade II listed building

Architect: W.G.R Sprague

Owned by: Mint Group

Capacity: 1500

Type: Concert venue

Years: 1900 - 1913 as theatre, 1913 to 1939 as cinema, 1945 to 1972 BBC studio, 2004 KOKO

Previous names: 1900 Camden Theatre, 1909 Camden Hippodrome Theatre, 1913 Camden Hippodrome Picture Theatre, 1970 The Music Machine, 1982 Camden Palace, 2004 KOKO

The KOKO Sound System: Utlising the most up to date digital technology, sound engineers can access and adjust all of the venue’s amplification from a single laptop computer, located anywhere in the venue. Sound mixing is carried out by using Soundcraft Vi6 digital live consoles which boast the latest in colour-coded touchscreen-driven user interfaces. One console handles front of house (audience) sound while the other is used to mix the sound heard by the musicians and performers on stage.

Audio technology such as this does not come cheap but the result of this investment is a fully integrated and bespoke system that is the envy of the world’s finest live music venues.

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