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A Word In Xu’s Ear

Date: 18 September 2009
By Mayho

How to begin describing Lapsap?

For anyone who hasn’t seen 5ft and Mr Puah in action, you’ve missed out. Infamous for throwing one of the best, regular club nights in Barsonic and their own private anniversary parties around town, Lapsap find themselves top of many promoters lists for regional DJ’s to get the chance to square off against some of the biggest names in the world. Often outdoing their distinguished guests in terms of performance and energy they have affirmed themselves as a regular fixture on the KL club scene.

Earlier this year, the boys from Lapsap (which literally translates as Rubbish in Cantonese) did their first overseas tour, hitting four different venues across Europe to export their own taste in dance floor destruction to the continent.

I caught up with Xu to pick his brains about the tour, the future and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Xu! How are you?

Hey! Sorry for the late reply. I’m fine thanks. How about you?

Life in the bus lane buddy. Congrats on the recent Lapsap 2nd anniversary by the way!

Thank bro! Hope we can have 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th!

How do you get those parties so insane? Sometimes it appears you boys are the only ones who want to throw on a good old fashioned rave nowadays.

Haha! Actually all we want is to do is just have fun. At first we were just inviting all of our close friends. I don’t know how it turned out so well and it’s been rocking for 2 year plus. Both of us are just happy to continue it.

You and Blink have changed Saturday nights in KL forever, how does it feel having such a loyal following?

Hmm, haha, you think so?

I know so!

We are really grateful for it, as I’ve mentioned before we never imagined this and it just proves that the people here in KL are just up for some crazy, loving, sweaty fun!

When you started Lapsap did you ever see yourself spinning alongside the likes of Jack Beats, Steve Aoki and Brodinski?

Haha! Maybe you should ask them? Or maybe it’s just luck I think?

Luck and skills can be a deadly combo. Who would be your ideal DJ’s to bring out here and play with?

I would love to get acts like Justice, Erol Alkan, Boys Noize, Crookers, Daft Punk.....the list goes on!

What are your thoughts on the KL club scene in general? Obvious exceptions excluded, it feels that everywhere is pretty much house or R’n’B, does the mainstream depress you?

No! I feel KL has been quite rocking for these past few years. I mean, I saw the scene as it was growing up as well. Especially not when you compare it with other countries in the region.

Okay, someone turns around tomorrow and gives you a shit load of cash for your own party, who would you book and what would you do?

I will take the money to buy a big set of equipment, put it all inside a big studio then invite everyone down. I’d be the DJ! Oh, and free flow :)

First t-shirts, now your own kicks, what’s next?

We’ll come out with more different stuff like keychains, shirts and all. We’ve already had tees, badges, CD’s and shoes...

How was ze Germans? Much shenanigans had in Europe?

Germany was great off course! But compared with KL then I still prefer our local crowd. Especially Malay :) they are more up for it!!!

Any stories to tell or do you keep the ‘what happens on tour, stays on tour’ mentality?

Ha, maybe I not should tell? Keep it as a secret better? What do u think?

I think you should tell us! Although we might immediately regret asking you.

Actually we did see a lot of things on this small tour. We played four different cities, four different venues across Europe. The first was Antwerp -big club and a full house and we felt it rocking, but we soon found out that a packed main room sure doesn't mean it’s actually rocking. Next up was Dusseldorf and we were playing in a small and dark underground club which wasn’t so busy but we really enjoyed it. Dusseldorf definitely ROCKS! The third gig was the Hannnoverfest, we played at 5pm with minimal techno - our first ever techno set! That was a lot of fun, getting all the Germans dancing with the groovy water sound and for some reason it was under a tree! The last stop was in Göttingen and this one gave me a real reminder of Barsonic. The vibe, the layout of club and the people were just like white version of our regular Malay crowd. It was our favourite night of the whole tour.

Minimal techno? Without us??? We all know football is your religion, fancy MU’s chances this year?

Yes off course, but a bit sad why we bought Owen, we should have Da Silva or David Villa!!!

Not missing Ronaldo?

Hmm, now I prefer Rooney, but it’s still ok!

What’s most played on your iPod right now?

I been a bit sick of Fleet Foxes, even though it’s like 6 months already but it is just really beautiful music. I am also listening to a lot of Soulsavers; Josez Gonzales; Julian Plenti (Interpol frontman); Patrick Watson; Whitest Boy Alive, new Au Revoir Simone and Camera Obcura all on CD. Anyway! I don’t even have an iPod :) I love CD’s. I’ve been back listening to a lot a old stuff as well, just got Radiohead’s ‘Pablo Honey’ special edition with b-side and DVD plus ‘The Bends’ as well.

Good choice. You’ve been flying the fidget flag for some time now in KL, with the plethora of tracks and DJ’s kicking around at the moment would you say this is exciting times?

Hah, actually I don’t really care about this, I still be a same XUUUUU!!!

What everyone wants to know, what’s next?

We will come out with a few tracks and a few new remixes soon. Really!

Any last words?

Thanks KOKO! Hope I can see more big bands live in KL! Make it happen!

Only if you behave yourself. Thank you Mr Puah!

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