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KOKO to Partner Voize Independent Music Awards 2010

Date: 30 October 2009

The VIMAs are back! Bigger, bolder and this time with a wider reach and even more categories. The second annual award ceremony, VIMA 2010, is now calling for nominations across the land to all talented independent acts to participate in what is deemed as “the real” independent music awards show.

Independent acts are invited to register their songs and profile on a specially created media platform at www.popfolio.net/vmf.

All music video links for the most-mind blowing music video are to be sent to music@voize.my.

The closing date for nominations is on 15th November 2009.

There will be 30 categories on offer to the independent acts to participate in and to find their right fit which includes genres such as Rock, Hip-hop, Dance, R&B and Pop.

Some of the more unique sounding categories are Best Guitar Goreng Riff, Best Song To Play At Camp Fire and To Do Away With Monday Morning Blues and Best Genre Bender.

“We’ve also introduced a special category for Best Chinese Act this year and opened up nominations to also include Brunei acts. The awards show has definitely evolved and we expect it to be as mind-boggling and wacky as the last one we had. Also winners in the main categories for VIMA will automatically qualify for the AVIMAs, the Asian Independent Music awards, opening up the possibility of global recognition for the local participating acts.” said founder of VIMA & AVIMA, Siva Chandran, who is also the Managing Editor of Voize.my

VIMA (Voice Independent Music Awards) is Malaysia’s only all independent music awards ceremony and was first held early this year on January 18th 2009. The awards show, which was organized by Voize.my, drew more than 300 music celebrities amongst its 650 exclusively invited guests.

VIMA 2010 will be held on January 17th 2010 and is expected to draw a crowd of 800 exclusively invited guests.

VIMA 2010 is supported by Hitz FM, 8TV, theSun, X FM , Malaysian Today, Pop TV, Bimbit.com, TIS (The Indie Street Paper), Stage Magazine, Yeah Magazine, Newman Magazine, Joom Cool.com, Arcis Communication, Mun Sang Media and KOKO Asia.

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